Our Mission

Climate Change Coalition of Door County is a non-partisan organization that through education, outreach and civil dialogue increases public understanding of climate change and its many detrimental impacts at home and around the world. Our objective is to inspire prompt action by individuals and policymakers at all levels to address the causes and challenges of climate change and to help communities adapt to its impacts.

What do we do?

CCCDC works to raise awareness of climate change in Door County and beyond through a variety of channels focused on the important collateral benefits of climate action, including:

·      Our Annual Climate Change Forum

·      A year-round speakers’ series

·      Educational films and programs

·      Participation in environmental events (Celebrate Water, Every Day is Earth Day, Sustainability Fair)

·      A monthly column in the Peninsula Pulse

·      Outreach to schools and faith-based organizations (spring and fall tree plantings)

·      A growing social media presence (website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

·      Regular communication (broadcast emails, program posters, flyers, media releases, letters to the editor)

·      Significant support of our business community (125 Climate Declaration signers, increasing Forum sponsorships)

·      Collaboration with other organizations (TNC, League of Women Voters, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship)

·      Coordination with LNRP and its partner organizations